I’ve been recently diagnosed with depression. I still cannot believe it! I am positively convinced that I am NOT depressed – just that life is very, very, very unfair, and I have every reason not to be ecstatic about it.  I can even point out one single circumstance that, if changed, would make me not only as content as before, but positively bursting with happiness.

However, that one single circumstance cannot be changed. And they tell me that although this is unfortunate, NOTHING justifies one being this sad for so long. Hm. Apparently, happiness belongs to those who don’t give a damn.

Anyway, one thing that I find helpful is humour, so I thought I would try a little experiment and create this blog to aggregate the stuff that I find in the internet that made me smile – perhaps it might help others, too?

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Oh, one more thing. My experience with my situation is that my depression was lying under the radar until an event.
Professional term – “Episode depression” … sounds good but at least I realise it can happen as a result of something.

Ah yes, that’s the theory of my shrink, too.

I still think though, that if I could have had that one thing, my depression would have happily lied dormant until my death, which would have been fine by me!

Now you bring up a great point. “That one thing”
My experience is exactly the same but in reverse. If that one thing didn’t happen, it would have been much better.
Well it has happened (or didn’t happen in your case) and there aint nuthin we can do about it. We are here now.
Strong words but i think internal acceptance that some bad things happen to us in our life is where peace lies.

My experience w/ doctors over the years has been that they love love love to diagnose and prescribe meds. I hope yours is not trying to just erase normal human emotions. We all have had terrible circumstances to live through. I am sorry if yours is affecting your life so badly. Just know that if you are fortunate enough to have clean water and access to a computer to be on WordPress, you are better off than 95% of the world.

Oh my good god I am so excited to follow this blog. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I’m with you – the world is wholly unfair. However – fuck the world! Be happy anyway. “Living well is the best revenge.” Tell life to suck it and laugh your ass off at whatever suits you. ❤

You write well, I’m glad you have turned to blogging.
I pray that you will come to THE truth about your situation.

Thank you!
THE truth sounds very momentous. I hope it’s not something that makes the universe implode, but if it is, I will give you a fair warning.

I too was diagnosed with depression at a time when I was not very happy with my lot. I was so mad at being told I have a “condition” that was treatable with chemicals designed to fell a buffallo that I threw the pills in the bin and made changes in my life that (slowly) made me more happy. Does that make me not depressed? Who’s to say?
I suppose the point I’m trying to make is – you are not alone. We, the diagnosed depressed, are thinking of you. And laughing with you and your blog! : )

Thank you so much, errr… Monster 😉

my theory is that depressed people,as me, are just more sensitive and that they feel everything a little more..we are not weak,we just have stronger emotions and we should not be judged for this attitude we this society,emotions are not accepted and they are avoided,expecially at an other society maybe they would have called us artists,who knows,
It`s good to take pills to cure ourselves,but please be remember that we are not WRONG :)) xxxx

I am definitely very sensitive now, much more than I used to be, and indeed I am planning a blog post about it.

I wonder though: is this a cause or a consequence of depression? In other words, what came first the egg or the chicken?

And by the way: since chickens can get depression – can eggs become depressed, too?

I have the feeling that we are depressed because we are more emotional and that we can`t face the big change that society did;we were expecting for something good for our lives,but then the big crise that ruined everything…
I am almost 40 so I am at a certain point when I am very disappointed because of what I could`t achieve in my career..things I couldn`t achieve because of my emotive side that was misjudged by people not so much sensitive or human…
but I am trying to get up and to find a way to live also with this `bad`attitude of mine…I don`t feel like adapting too much anymore;;I think we have all the right to model a life on us,not to model ourselves to the society..sorry for my bad english 😉

Yes, that plays a part too. The way we had pictured our life, and what could not be 😦

BTW, your English is fine and anyway who am I to judge? It isn’t my first language, either 😉

I would like to be your friend. Really. I think you’re intelligent and have a quirky sense of humor.

I really like speaking with people from Europe, just because it’s a little different from North America.

We could keep up a regular correspondence if you wanted?
I’m kinda new to WordPress, so I dunno if there’s any way to send private messages, but if you know please contact me.
If not, we’ll just continue liking one another’s posts. ❤

Take care,

Thank you very much!

I’m new too, so no idea about private messages, but let’s do it this way: I’ll put here me e-mail address and then change it later to something that will leave people wondering what I really replied to you:

love your idea, and hope it does help! Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

Nice reading about you.

Thanks for visiting my blog Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

Hi, what a good response to your diagnosis. Seems like a very creative, very (though you may find the adjective odd) optimistic, and very open-ended thing to do… Be curious, explore, expand…

Thank you! I am doing my best 🙂

Your blog is awesome. 🙂 . I found out that Hyperbole and a Half is back… just in case you didn’t know yet – I love your pic too 🙂 🙂

Thank you!

Yes, I know!!

Actually, I was feeling a bit uneasy at using Allie Brosh’s pic, so I made a drawing myself – might change it to a photo some time. It is what it is, but it is mine!

You have an award! Don’t know if it’s already in your collection.


I remember thinking the same thing, then I read this:
“All pessimists think they are realists”

I was too busy defending my feelings to get past them.


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