Spelling Matters!

Posted on: May 28, 2013

Last night something momentous happened.  The BT was online in the dead of the night and I thought that maybe he was feeling lonely, too, or at any rate he would be very tired and unable to think too clearly, so I thought there might be a slight chance that he would reply to a goodnight star. Also because he knows that I send a goodnight star only right before logging off and going to bed, so there’s no risk of me jumping on the chance to – the horror!! – ask him how he is doing or even suggest coffee. He seems to have decided that my allowance is exactly one word a month, and replying to a goodnight is probably the safest option for him, so I thought I might tempt fate.

I gathered my nerves, which were lying haphazardly on the floor (a couple had rolled under the furniture and it was a drag to get them out, but in the process I found a bracelet I thought I had lost and also, surprisingly, a teapot), then tied them up nicely with a ribbon, conjured a little star in the chat window, took a deep breath, took another deep breath, took a third deep breath, told myself to stop taking first, and second, and third deep breaths or I would go into hyperventilation, and hit “send”.

For a split second, Time Stood Still. Then Time thought, “What am I doing here, standing still”? She blushed and with a little embarrassed smile she checked if anybody had seen her standing still so foolishly, and hurriedly sat down.


He said… he said… “good night!”

* sighs contentedly *

And yet – darn. Good. Night. Two words!!! And since I’m only due one word a month… there goes my allowance for TWO WHOLE MONTHS! Now I’ll have to make do until the 28th of JULY!

Stupid Blasted Thing, it is GOODNIGHT! One. Word.





11 Responses to "Spelling Matters!"

Maybe he’ll forget about the space…

And you’ll always have the teapot…

Thank you, this is indeed a great consolation.

A bracelet AND a teapot!!

YES! Life’s good.

What he actually meant was good goodnight but was just careful with the words. And that shows so much extra care.

Monster, I wish 🙂

But anyway I am happy that he bothered to reply at all. This is not always the case, and every time he ignores me I am crushed 😦

I’m so sorry.
Sometimes I wish we could have more control over who we care about – that’s the control freak in me…

Oh, Amara, you deserve more than one word a month! I don’t like the Greek myths at all, but maybe they got it right with Cupid. We don’t choose where we love, it just happens, and nothing, no common sense reasoning can change it. Keep sending those stars.

Thing is, I don’t want to position myself as his number one stalker, so I I can’t contact him too often, given his (lack of) enthusiasm.

But I don’t want to completely lose touch with him either… OK, I can’t have him, but I value him very much as a friend (well, I used to before he disappeared at least, truthfully I wouldn’t allow anybody else to behave like that 😦 )

Emboldened by the “good night!” last night I sent a suggestion for coffee. Told him I won’t let summer come if he doesn’t accept (we had a thing about me being a weather witch). Finger crossed!

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