Versatile Blogger Award!

Posted on: May 20, 2013


I got another award! This time it is the Versatile Blogger Award, and I have been nominated by both Eros & Psyche and shoe 1000 – thank you so much!

Does that mean that I will receive TWO trophies, I wonder. I hope they are not too cumbersome.

The name seems to suggest that at least at the beginning this was supposed to be meant for bloggers who write about different topics, and actually, I try to keep my blog more or less focused on the funny side of depression, so for example I don’t include my most tearful writings, also because inspiring my readers to jump off the nearest cliff would be rather counter-productive. However, to give myself at least a semblance of versatility, I have written a totally unfunny post about recipes, and no, it’s not recipes for disaster.

The Rules and  Requirements for The Versatile Blogger Award

1. Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post

2. Thank the person (or mythical being) who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post

3. Share seven things about yourself

4. Pass the award along to 15 favourite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

So, the seven things about myself:

1. My favourite ice cream flavour is pistachio

2. The nail polish I am wearing right now is pistachio-coloured, too

3. I am wondering if I have any pistachios in the cupboard? Not likely, though

4. I like taking photographs and making jewellery. Neither of these hobbies of mine has anything to do with pistachio.

5.  I could ride my bike forever. Just go on and on and on and never come back. Perhaps some day I will do just that.

6.  I have once taken a Klingon language class.

7.  I can touch my wrist with the thumb of the same hand***.

And the 15 blog recommendations, in random order – you will see that there’s a bit of everything, don’t be afraid it’s just depressing stuff and check them out!

1. Anxiety And The Girl

2. Lindaghill

3. Anonymous in Lafayette

4. Whatasillygirl

5. Princessdeficit

6. How Do You Eat An Elephant?

7. Beth and Bex

8. Just Footsteps

9. It’s Not Just Me, Right?

10. She Wore Ribbon

11. Elodie Under Glass

12. athingirldotcom

13. Barb Taub

14. Elevated Attire

15. Life Assays

So here it is! Thanks again!


*steps on gown*

*suffers major wardrobe malfunction*

*gets completely ignored by the paparazzi*

Stupid paparazzi.

*** After a series of unfortunate incidents, I feel compelled to recommend DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! ***

14 Responses to "Versatile Blogger Award!"

There’s such a thing as a Klingon course? That must have been an experience. 🙂
Thanks again for the nomination. It will take me a while to accept – I’m ashamed to say there’s a line-up. But this one’s a first, and it’s one I’ve had an eye on for a while. 😀 You’ve made me a very happy camper.

Yes there is! It was quite something. The teacher was telling us all the time how a proper Klingon needs to be strong and assertive, but he himself was a really shy geeky young thing.

But the real question is… nuqDaq ‘oH puchpa”e’?

Haha! That was my next question – do you still remember it? I guess I got my answer.
Okay, so I give. What does it mean?

I can count up to five and remember random phrases, but the spelling is a nightmare and I had to google this out.

It means “Where’s the toilet?”. I can also say “It’s a good day to die”, “Hello”, “Do you speak Klingon?”Your mother’s forehead is smooth” (that’s an insult). Oh, and “Thank you”. That’s very easy, really: the Klingons DO NOT use that at all.

I laughed at ‘your mother’s forehead is smooth’. Not something that would make much sense in anything BUT Klingon. haha!
Well thank you. Next time I’m in a roomful of Trekkies at least I’ll be able to locate the facilities. 😀

Fantastic! Congratulations.
Good to hear there are lots of people who appreciate humour out there.

Yes, I still can’t believe that there’s people actually reading this! Thanks for your comments!

Hey I can touch my wrist with the thumb of that hand too! I thought I was the only person I’d ever know who can do that. It freaks people out though 😛 congrats on the award, this blog is really awesome 🙂

Thank you! Yes it rather freaks people out, but it’s also a weirdly popular party trick. What I really wonder is, why on earth did I try this the first time? Was I having a session of “let’s see what random body part I can reach with another body part”???

Useless Trivia of the Day: No one can lick their own elbow.

Thank you for thinking my little crazy blog is alright! I’m excited to be nominated, sadly, I don’t really win things so I will take this and milk it! I started to lose my blogging mojo for a bit there, now I will have to step it up – still cheaper than therapy! You have made me want to go and see the new Star Trek movie even more now to! Thanks again (and hopefully I can figure out how to do the award thingy on my blog…..)

The pic you mean? There might be other ways to do it, but in my case it’s a widget. Real easy, just go to “widgets” and then follow the instructions.

Haha, and I’m not even a real trekkie! I used to watch the old series as a kid, but that’s all. I just went for the fun, I am interested in languages in general and I am considering putting this on my CV.

Tis a must for the CV!!!

Ow, ow, ow… trying to touch wrist with thumb. May need physical therapy. (On the plus side, we do have pistachios. Wonder why I have sudden craving?)

Uhm, Barb… Please Don’t Try This At Home. Perhaps I should add this to my post. Actually, I definitely will.

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