List of Characters

Posted on: May 2, 2013

Anonymity breeds Acronymity, and people might get confused as to who’s who, so I thought I will make a little list of characters of my little drama, to be expanded as necessary.

BFF, or FBFF: my Former Best Friend Forever. To anyone who might think these are teenagers’ squabbles: we are both forty years old, give it or take it. Wise and mature. So this is my best friend of twenty years, the one who used to say that friends will help you through, but neglected to specify that by that she meant that friends were there to help her, not the other way around. How forgetful.

BT: the Blasted Thing. The man of my life! As luck had it though, I am not the woman of his life. Not because of another woman. There was no one else. He used to say he was too set in his bachelor’s ways, and then went for the first thing who would have him. So he did wish for a relationship, and yet he’d rather be alone than with me. How flattering.


5 Responses to "List of Characters"

FBFF – I have one of those! You described her to a tee.

Yes, EVERYBODY is telling me that! How many of those are on the loose? Or is it in fact ALWAYS THE SAME ONE?? I am not sure what’s scarier.

If there is more than one, I say our halves stick together and let their halves fend for themselves. hehe

Don’t you have to wonder what the FBFF says about you? “Oh her. Yes, we were best friends for twenty years until I revealed that I was a stone cold bitch and… er… Actually, she moved to Anchorage. The part without phones or internet. So really, we just lost touch. Not my fault at all. Yeah, that’s it…”

Haha, Barb, stay tuned for the next post coming in a matter of minutes!

In fact this wasn’t meant to be an actual post, just something to link back to with explanations 🙂

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