How to Grow a Thick Skin

Posted on: April 2, 2013


I find myself being waaay too easily hurt, of late.

When someone cancels an appointment, it is like an elephant had mistaken me for a comfy chair. I had been looking forward to it, made preparations, pushed around my work to make space, washed my hair… and nothing. I end up sitting alone in the dark with my hair done, and perfect nails, how pathetic is that??

Of course I don’t complain because rationally I know it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Or, say, the person I’m in love with – not only he never makes time to see me, he doesn’t even want to talk to me. I know, I write to him waaaay too often, on average one or two lines (literally) once a week! He almost never replies, and when he does, he carefully avoids my suggestions for coffee. He only conceded to meet me three times this year, once because I had a present for him, and two times out of the three he brought a friend with him for safety. Right, you never know when I could lose it and jump on him.He never wished me a Merry Christmas, or a Happy New Year, or a Happy Easter – not only that, he didn’t even care enough to reply when I did.

I know, it is unreasonable to be hurt, right? So it must be me. Clearly, I am oversensitive.

Now that I have identified the problem, I can find a solution. Thankfully the Internet is full of advice on how to grow a thick skin, so I did some research and put together the best tips for my own use, and perhaps this might be interesting to some of you, too?:

Moisturise, and always wear a sun screen.

Not sure why. Perhaps to minimise the lines on your face caused by disappointment.

Never acknowledge a rejection.

In other words, become a psycho stalker. I will write long rambling letters every day, addressed to everybody who stands me up and especially to the Blasted Thing. I might neglect the blog a bit, I apologise in advance.

Have a backbone.

OK, I even have several perfectly good bones, so I’m doing very well in that department.

Put one foot in front of the other.

Not sure if this will give me thick skin or blisters?

Stop expecting what other people think of you, whatever that may be.

I will sure start doing that as soon as I understand what’s that supposed to mean. If anything at all.

Let things roll off your back.

Ah, so that’s why the backbone was singled out among all bones. But what “things”, exactly? I hope it’s not hedgehogs suffering from Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome: they’re already having it hard enough as it is.

Suck it up.

Again, what am I supposed to suck up? OJ? Milk? Alcohol perhaps. Or ugli fruit squash. Now really, how am I supposed to do it if they give you such vague instructions?

Do not put false fingernails on a possum.

Ah, sorry, that was from How To Give a Possum a Pedicure. I guess I clicked on the wrong link because I was distracted by this ad:


(actual ad)

I wonder if she came to such amazing thick skin by making use of the tips above? But I am getting sidetracked, let’s start again. Internet! Tell me all about thick skin!

People can suffer from thick skin at an early age. It can appear immediately after birth and cause severe complications which may possibly lead to death.



3 Responses to "How to Grow a Thick Skin"

you’re awesome. keep applying that moisturizer and blogging!

Thanks, I will!

How topical, someone cancelled on me TWICE over the Easter weekend and just got all defensive because she tried to arrange another meet and I asked quite reasonably if she could definitely make it?!

I totally know how you feel about this, I’m the same x

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