Fluffiness doesn’t automatically bring happiness

Posted on: March 29, 2013


Bet you knew that was coming: yes! Bunnies can get depression. And what does depression look like in bunnies? According to the all-knowing Internet, “Just like other mammals, bunnies can too fall into depression. It is a sort of psychiatric disorder, in which one is not interested for anything, and the one blames himself for everything bad that happens.”

I had no idea rabbits can develop a sense of guilt, but you learn something new every day, I guess. But wait! This is really interesting: if their depression is identical to depression in human, and indeed it is a well known fact that bunnies are really short humans with long ears, which justifies using them as lab animals to test such vital products as wrinkle cream, then I could be on the verge of a breakthrough! I just need to check what cures depression in rabbits, apply the method to humans, and cure depression world wide!

Everybody will be happy and I will be even happier because millions of sufferers will come to this blog to read about the cure, and then will come back to tell me how this changed their lives, and will name their pet rabbits after me, and perhaps make me a statue out of carrots.

Now, let’s see, what’s the magical cure for depression in rabbits???





4 Responses to "Fluffiness doesn’t automatically bring happiness"

I was going to comment about how their depression is cured after eating all of the peas in the garden and the clover on the side, but then I thought better of it. This was a good bunny write up.

Thanks, and Happy Easter!

Fantastic. Cheered me up despite the fact I have in-laws coming! Happy Easter.

Wow, cheering up someone who has in-laws looming! That’s quite a feat.

Happy Easter!

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