OCD, or On Coffee Drinking

Posted on: March 27, 2013


Studies show that coffee helps alleviate depression, and that coffee brings about depression. Well, thank you very much, Scientists, this is helpful.

I have done some experiments myself, and I have found that drinking coffee too late in the afternoon will keep you awake at night and you will lay on your bed thinking of how you have nothing to look forward to for tomorrow, next week, or the rest of your life, which is admittedly a wee bit depressing.

On the other hand, drinking coffee in a nice café with a good friend is definitely a powerful lift-me-up. And yet I suspect that in the combination going out/good friend/coffee it is not the element “coffee” that really makes the difference.

I wanted to test this theory of mine, and resolved that next time I go to a nice coffee place with a good friend I will order an ugli fruit squash and see if it works as well as a steaming espresso; but although I think I can dig out a place that serves ugli fruit squash, apparently there’s no finding a good friend who would sit and drink with me, not even in the interest of science. Bummer.

One thing is certain though: coffee might act as an anti-depressant by providing you with a purpose in life, and that’s something.


11 Responses to "OCD, or On Coffee Drinking"

I need more coffee, right now! 🙂

I’m on my third cup already, I think I’ll have a tea myself, instead 😉

I just got back from Village Coffee, and am sitting down with a cup of coffee. The day they tell me it causes cancer (although let’s be honest — what does NOT cause cancer in lab mice?), is the day I pack it all in. So in the interest of science, I think you should come to the (damn cold) north of England and go for a coffee/ ugli fruit squash with me.

Scientists confuse me when they say eat this to be healthy then two months
later they say “NO don’t eat it, it’ll give you cancer!” Well I say eat/drink whatever in moderation.

Yes, that’s the wise thing to do. Except for paint thinner – I’d say DO NOT drink paint thinner, not even in moderation.

Hahaha! Yes and anti freeze, no matter how mummy it looks!

Glad you liked my post on quitting coffee altogether. I would happily sit in a nice cafe and drink an ugli fruit squash with you. For science. 😀

Thank you!

(I would probably never wake up again if I decided to quit coffee though)

I think the post will actually be of a benefit to my readers, so I linked it on 1HAT Google+ Page ( ). Hope you’re not mad ;D!

Of course I’m not mad, I’m quite honoured!

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