The Return of the Busy Sunday

Posted on: March 17, 2013


It’s Sunday! Already? Wasn’t it Sunday, like, just a few days ago? Again, I have a long list of stuff I want to do; will I manage if not all at least the majority of the items??

  • Sort out a matter with my former BFF – this goes on top because it is going to be the hardest thing to do. But her response will probably be poisonous, so better to do it as late as possible? Otherwise I will end up like the knight in the pic and won’t accomplish ANYTHING. Or perhaps I SHOULD in fact do it first thing in the morning, so I, being a little pile of ash, won’t have to do any of the items that follow? EVER?
  • Wash hair – although I have done it last Sunday already! Is this something like brushing your teeth and being nice to your friends, something you just keep doing over and over again, with no discernible advantage? Ah no, wait, I am not meeting anyone until Tuesday afternoon, so that can wait and I can cross it off already. Yay me!
  • Wake up. DONE! (I’m doing good)
  • Write a blog post – not finished yet, but by the time I hit “publish” it will be finished, so I can consider it done.
  • Wash the dishes – cook something (I have INGREDIENTS!!!) – wash the dishes again (umpf)
  • Eat whatever I have cooked before it spoils – remember that if it does I will have to throw it out and it will be work anyway
  • Splatter my old bag with nail polish – probably one of the few things I will really accomplish
  • Clean the bathroom – as if
  • Exercise
  • Water the plants – the plants have all died long ago, so DONE!
  • Change the wallpaper of my blog – I have changed the slogan yesterday already. When I chose the name, I wanted it to sound a bit like a medicine, so for the wallpaper I want something with pills (keep it an explosion of colour though).
  • Draw a new avatar – I want to do something REALLY simple, just a line drawing, but the real challenges are: a. Find my drawing pen, b. Find a white piece of paper, and c. Free enough tabletop surface (that’s where I will finally give up)

So how many items will I manage? Bets are open.


2 Responses to "The Return of the Busy Sunday"

I vote for nail-polish spattering. Why stop at the bag? And I think that would absolutely be enough to accomplish on one Sunday…

Barb, in a flat there’s only so many things you can spatter with nail polish… The furniture doesn’t belong to me, and my bike is covered in nail polish already – so for today the bag will do.

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