Watermelon Sunset

Posted on: March 14, 2013

Watermelon Sunset

And here is another one! Share share share! Share the love, share the wisdom, share the kitsch!

Say – is that chocolate you are nibbling on? Could you share some of that, too?

Oh by the way: this will make much more sense if you have read the previous posts, specifically this one:  – nah, scratch that, it was NEVER meant to make any sense.


4 Responses to "Watermelon Sunset"

I don’t particularly care for watermelon. Could I take my depression with the puppy please?

You want to wear a puppy??

Sure, why not? I think it could be a fashion statement. I’ll bet by this time next year, Kardashians will ALL be accessorizing with puppies.

Well I DID use to wear my cat around my neck. Haha, silly cat. Barb might be happier with another motivational poster then, the one about standing on a stool with a goose around your neck. Will get around to putting that into a meme some day – not today, I worked the night through and today’s a long day, and tonight I have something nice planned 🙂 and, did I mention I was depressed? So I tire easily 😉

As an aside, I wonder why can’t I reply to a reply to a reply? WordPress does allow us to answer a comment, but if we actually try to start a conversation, it goes “OK, enough fooling around. WORK AT YOUR POSTS!”?

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