More chicken depression!

Posted on: March 11, 2013

More chicken depression!

I noticed with amazement after writing another post ( that the internet is teeming with people asking for advice on how to cure a depressed chicken.

It made me go all “awwwwwww”, until I got to think on why are people so caring and understanding towards chickens, whereas in my experience they rapidly get fed up and leave when confronted with a depressed human? What does a chicken have that I, for example, haven’t? It’s not like it can fly, which is admittedly a very cool skill to have.
Then I had an epiphany:

Eggs. Eggs are key. I would have gotten all the support I needed if every morning I had laid a nice deep orange-yolked egg.


1 Response to "More chicken depression!"

Bloody eggs! 🙂

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