Busy Sunday

Posted on: March 10, 2013

[Hyperbole and a Half]

I had great plans for this Sunday: work (lots), exercise, clean at least the kitchen, draw a profile picture for the blog, make myself clean and presentable for the coming week (wanted to wash hair and do nails and perhaps even a facial? – will have to content myself with just hair), write a post here, reply to the people who have answered a long and complicated question of mine in a forum (darn, they were so thoughtful and articulate, too), sort out the matter of why Twitter blocked my account, sort out the matter of a (former?) friend of mine – even worse, decide how to sort it out, but for that I would need a long bike ride, and a list of pro and cons, and I’m not sure how to handle that without ignominiously crashing on the pavement, so make it sort out the matter of how to handle at the same time a moving bicycle and a list of pro and cons – and I’m surely forgetting something, so add to that make a list of things to do, not the same as the list of pro and cons – perhaps write it on different coloured paper, so I don’t find myself on a riverside path with a bit of paper that reads “WASH THE DISHES!” . Plus the ordinary background activities, like breathing and pumping my heart.

I’ll never make it. I think I will just forgo the breathing and heart pumping things.

*** Update ***

I haven’t done any of that yet, BUT I’ve painted the house keys with nail polish.

*** Update to the update ***

I put glitter on them.

***  Update number 2 ***

And I washed a bed sheet. I remembered only when hanging it to dry that it was ripped and I wanted to throw it out. My one endeavour for the day, and all I have to show for it  is a clean rag. Sheet.


2 Responses to "Busy Sunday"

I sure would like to see that pterodactyl picture… Good job with the glitter keys, of course.

Ah, sorry, the art is not by me, it’s from Hyperbole and a Half. I did credit it just under the pic, see? I usually start with something I have found in internet and then add a contribution of mine. I actually planned to just aggregate comics and funny stuff I found, but then I got carried away with my own comments 😉

The keys turned out pretty! Now no fumbling around with a bike on my shoulder, I just need to remember the blue (with glitter) is the door to the building, red (with glitter) is the lock above, green (with glitter) is the lock underneath – or was it the opposite? And blue (with glitter) is the mailbox – no, wasn’t that the big door? So light blue the big door and dark blue the mail? And didn’t I use yellow (with glitter), too?

Oh, whatever – they look pretty anyway.

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