Pet Therapy

Posted on: March 8, 2013

Coming back to an empty home is especially sad, and sometimes I do consider the idea of getting myself a dog or a cat, but – what if my new pet turns out to be like Henri? He cloaks his mood in glamorous existentialism, but he is obviously horribly depressed himself.

Do I want a pet that mopes around and complains in bad French? Well I guess I could make videos of him and become an overnight internet sensation, but what’s the point?

Life is meaningless. And so is YouTube.


2 Responses to "Pet Therapy"

You do a terrific Henri! (Henri is my hero.)

Merci! Henri est vachement drôle… but I think as a role model he is less than ideal. I have a soft spot for l’imbecile blanc myself ^.^

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