Posted on: March 6, 2013

Imagine that. I think a suicidal person would take that as a sign that, indeed, we live in a valley of tears, and no one can and will help, and they should just go ahead with it.

However, reading the comments I have learned that there are volunteers on the bridge who approach those who look like they want to jump and try to talk them out of it. I bet you can’t stop there for a minute and take in the scenery without people tackling you down – which by the way reminds me of something that happened last week to me – but that’s a long story, I will tell it in another post. [Update: here is the story ]

Anyway! That piqued my interest, so I tried to check out the website of one of these organisations to find out more – and I got the following message: “owner has denied your access to the site.”

Hm. Not only we live in a valley of tears: the valley is spanned by a suicide bridge, and on the bridge it says that help is out of service.

Check Your Premises

Probably no cell service there, either.


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Thanks for sharing!

Now I know more or less what the button does 🙂

Horrible doubt: should I have asked for permission first? I thought bloggers would just be happy to be reblogged everywhere (I would!), but perhaps I am missing something?

Not at all. In all the times I’ve had posts reblogged, no one has ever asked permission first.

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