Depression is a dirty matter

Posted on: March 3, 2013

Painting the windows black

There seems to be some mysterious link between depression and darkened windows. Anyway, my windows are mysteriously getting darker and darker.

I suspect it is the same phenomenon that mysteriously makes dirty mugs multiply and invade every single flat surface. Did I even have so many mugs?? Where do they come from? Will the windows start multiplying, too?

I hope not. The walls that currently have no windows are those that separate my flat from my neighbours’. I don’t want windows to their living room.

Perhaps that was Rat’s problem all along.


2 Responses to "Depression is a dirty matter"

It’s a bit creepy about the windows! Throw them open, let in the air. I know that doesn’t cure it, but I do believe it helps.

Thanks for the tip! I did find the time and the will to clean the windows since. As for the air, my bedroom window is always open, and I am a lot out in the sun 🙂

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